By Mark Lewis
Local Sports Journal

With the rapid proliferation of smart phones and compact, high-quality video recorders, it seems like nearly everyone has the ability to capture and upload footage to the internet with just a few clicks of a mouse or swipes on a touch screen.

American Youth Basketball Tour (AYBT) events are no different.

AYBT has a considerable presence on video sharing sites like YouTube, and as the popularity of such sites increases, AYBT’s presence is sure to increase as well.

Even a cursory search in YouTube will land you a front row seat in AYBT action.

This video is an example of the glossy look given to the AYBT by Local Sports Journal, which powers this site as well. This video comes from June 21-22’s District Series Event (DSE) in Muskegon (MI).

But not all the videos are glossy or put through processing. In fact, the video below is raw footage from the very same DSE in Muskegon, taken by a parent of one of the players.

Since the Local Sports Journal last did a story on AYBT’s increasing web presence (early summer 2013), the organization’s online footprint has grown by leaps and bounds.

This video came from one of last year’s Nationals event. It features some footage of the event’s three-point contest.

In fact, there is now a lot of footage from the 2013 AYBT Nationals events.




Of course, a big part of social media is the ability to get some visibility and perhaps grab the attention of a favorite college coach or program. Below is one such production, a ‘mixtape’ compilation for Boone Grove High School (Hebron, IN) soon-to-be senior Isaac Mioduski.


Becoming more and more typical among high school students looking for notice from the collegiate level, Mioduski maintains a Be Recruited page, profiling some of his career highlights and skills. His page may be found here.


Some teams use social media to distribute season highlights, which often include their respective journeys through the AYBT summer season. This one is of the 2013 Waterford Red Hots AYBT/AAU summer travel team.


This one comes from the Hoops2Life Fire team from Philadelphia (PA).


Many videos come straight from DSE play, including this one from the Michiana Thoroughbreds versus the West Michigan Drive, at last year’s Southwest Michigan Slam (St. Joseph, MI).


Here are highlights from last year’s DSE in Oxford (MI).


Then there are the slam dunk contests.






As you can see, lots of people enjoy posting on the net their AYBT experiences, some to relive the joy of a hard-fought championship win, others to let friends and relatives in on the fun, and still others to highlight a particular talent of theirs, such as dunking or three-point shooting.

Though not every upload reaches more than a tiny fraction of the total web population, one can be sure that if a particular upload does catch fire, it could be viewed halfway around the world, turning a local phenom into an internet sensation.
The American Youth Basketball Tour is America’s foremost leader in team basketball skills and character development. For more information on AYBT district tournaments and events, head over to





More AYBT videos:

This video, which was uploaded last year, features Jackson Sartain, then just 13-years old, winning the overall three-point title (among 120 competitors) at Nationals.


Video from the team from Northwest Ohio that won their 2011 nation title at the Fort Wayne Nationals.


Some people take the time to record and post individual games. This one, from 2010, features a showdown between the Mishawaka Lady Caveman versus the Northwest Ohio 49ers, in a Game 1 match up at Nationals.

This video, from last year, highlights the fifth-grade AYBT national champion Michigan Sting. If you watch through the game highlights, you’ll see the team pose with its trophy and then a montage of scenes featuring the team having fun at a go cart race track.


This one, from 2012, highlights the hard work of what would eventually become the eighth grade Nationals championship team in Bloomington (IL), the Predators.


Finally, some folks even record and post practices footage. Here is one from 2010, featuring a team headed by Jim McGannon, who coaches varsity golf at Fruitport (MI) High School.

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