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In basketball terms, Brad Redford certainly has had his share of success.

Brad Redford has won many awards for his play on the court, including the Michigan Mr. Basketball Basketball Award.

Brad Redford has won many awards for his play on the court, including the Michigan Mr. Basketball Basketball Award.

For example, the former Frankenmuth High School (MI) star took the 2008 Michigan Mr. Basketball Award (Michigan State University’s Draymond Green was also a finalist), while helping to lead his team to the state quarterfinals. He certainly earned the award, finishing with an astronomical 36.7 points-per-game average, making a state-record 140 three-pointers in the process – Redford also made a state-record 102 straight free throws, and set the state record with points in a quarter (27 points), free-throw percentage in a season (97.1 percent) and career free-throw percentage (93.4).

Then he moved on to Xavier University, where he helped lead Musketeers to three conference titles and three NCAA tourney Sweet 16s. Along the way, Redford led the Atlantic 10 Conference in 3-point percentage his freshman and senior years, finishing his career as the Musketeers all-time regular season three-point percentage leader (46.5%).

So, while hours in the gym – launching an unfathomable amount of long-range shots in the process – certainly helped him become one of the most-feared shooters in college basketball, Redford started his pursuit toward hoops greatness a long time ago.

“I was in the fourth grade when I started in AYBT (American Youth Basketball Tour),” he said, “with a team called the Tri City Storm.”

He added with a chuckle, “That was a long time ago.”

Indeed, and yet the lessons he learned in AYBT helped make him the player he is today.

“We traveled to a lot of tournaments back then,” said Redford. “I was always impressed with the way AYBT (events) were run. And I think they did a good job of putting the emphasis on getting better. While other camps were focused on who was there, AYBT did a great job of focusing on the process. The focus was always on getting better.”

Redford moved on to Xavier  University after high school.

Redford moved on to Xavier University after high school.

But now, even though he fully expected to move on to play the pro game in Europe, it isn’t a case of getting better on the court, as the preverbal gym rat Redford, because of injury, is forced to take a break from the game he loves so much.

Along with a fracture in his pelvic region his sophomore at Xavier, Redford then tore his ACL. Now, one year after graduating, he learned he’s had hernia surgery.

At only 24 years old, he also suffers from osteoarthritis in his groin.

“I’ve had a lot of injuries, and with that a lot of pain,” said Redford. “It has made going hard every day a challenge. So, for my body’s sake, physically I needed to take a break.”

Redford still intends on following his pro-basketball dream after taking off for over a year. Until he’s ready to play again, he has remained busy with a new business startup; that is, Redford is turning his skill on the court into an opportunity to teach others.

Leading individual, small group or team workouts, Redford is teaching younger players the skills which made him into such a successful offensive threat.

“Shooting is the primary focus,” he said. “Footwork is also an area of focus, as is learning to play the game at a high level of intensity. There are a lot of coaches out there, all doing things their own way. I’m no different. I go for what works for me. That’s what I try to teach.”

So far, Redford has coached clinics in Cincinnati (where he’s currently living), Dayton and Columbus, OH and in Illinois, and hopes to makes inroads into his home state of Michigan.

“I love basketball and I love coaching kids so it’s a great mix for me,” he said. “And it’s giving me time to heal a little bit.”

Redford with his Mr. Michigan Award.

Redford with his Mr. Michigan Award.

Needless to say, Redford will again be putting to use some things he’s learned in AYBT.

“AYBT is very well organized and just filled with friendly people looking to help players get better,” said Redford. “I’ve got a lot of respect for what they do. It’s a system that works.”

For more information on Redford’s clinics and individual instruction, click here.

The American Youth Basketball Tour is America’s foremost leader in team basketball skills and character development. For more information on AYBT district tournaments and events, head over to

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